The overall theme of the lecture series ‘Churches in Conversation with Society on Issues that Matter’ is an attempt to raise awareness and debate on an issue that is far reaching in its consequences to human existence – the ecological crisis. Pertinent to the issue is the question: what are the religious, traditional and cultural resources at our disposal that will help us with reweaving the ecological mat?

The series of lectures hopes to express the mission orientation of the Christian faith which encompasses the need to be in conversation, in dialogue with the people on issues that matter to them and their institutions.

It aims to inform students and faculty staff of theological schools, churches and their members, university students and lecturers and the general public and thus we strive to keep you informed and updated with the lecture series through our social media pages (facebook, google+ and twitter) and any additional resources can be downloaded from our website.

Links to lectures in this series are listed below;

Lecture 1  – Wellbeing: Our capacity to imagine, express new possibilities, and find new solutions to complex issues – Rev. Prof. Dr. Uili Feleterika Nokise, PTC Principal & Professor of Ecumenism