The artwork featured above is titled Matavuvale (this is Fijian term for family) graciously granted use to us by the artist herself – Mrs Maria Rova of Sigavou Studios.  To follow her work follow this link –

We think; therefore I are
By Faafetai Aiava

I think; therefore I am,

a truth from worlds afar.

I am because we are,

We are; therefore I are.

For what I think is shared,

And wisdom shared is life.

But life in lone existence,

is life devoid of life.

Our father is the world

Our mother is the earth

Our brother is community

Our sister is the Church

His thoughts are her worries,

Her worries become his plans.

Their plans conceive our future,

Our future births new plans.

Since sharing wisdom is life,

And connected life is being,

the ground of my existence,

Takes root in thinking ‘we.’

We think; therefore I are,

Many truths within the one,

I am because we are,

I am many and I are one.

Please note that the grammatical errors are deliberate. It simply reinforces the communal theme and style of the piece where ‘I’ and ‘We’ in the Samoan-Pacific Island way of life are treated as inseparable.

Mr Faafetai Aiava graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Malua Theological College and is a member of the Congregational Christian Church Samoa. He is a proud father and husband; he holds a Masters in Theology (Distinction) from the Pacific Theological College. Faafetai is currently a PhD candidate and part of the PTC Faculty development.