John 8:10,11 (NIV)
“Jesus straightened up and asked her [the woman caught in adultery], ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ ‘No one, sir,’ she said. ‘Then neither do I condemn you,’ Jesus declared. ‘Go now and leave your life of sin.’ ”

It was not Jesus Christ’s duty to condemn the woman, for He was neither a witness nor a judge. He was The Savior of sinners and having given the woman a practical lesson in truth and purity, He urged her to make a total break with her sinful past, as she was caught by the scribes and Pharisees in adultery.

Heavenly Father, I pray and claim in Your Holy Son’s Name that we have reflected on our own weaknesses and on the frailties of others. Christ said in today’s study verse: “Go and sin no more.” So should we go, no longer accusing ourselves of sins that have been forgiven nor condemning others for the sins that You have forgiven them. As receivers of Your Grace, we ask for help to be grace givers in days to come.

Good Morning and Have a Blessed day Everyone.