Na Uto Ni Neitou Cakacaka – The Heart of It!

The Institute for Mission and Research (IMR) was officially launched on the 25th of November 2016 at the Pacific Theological College (PTC) in Suva by the Principal and Professor of Ecumenism of PTC – Rev. Prof. Dr. Uili Feleterika Nokise and the General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) – Rev. Francois Pihaatae.

The Institute for Mission and Research is not a completely new entity, but has emerged as a result of consolidating and integrating the God’s Pacific People Programme (GPP) and the Institute for Research and Social Analysis (IRSA). The two programmes have been running side by side for many years now.


An ecumenical well-informed Christian presence in the Pacific that confronts injustices and affirms the dignity of God’s creation; in dialogue with biblical principles and traditional values.


To assist the churches to be well-informed and be effective actors for justice and the affirmation of God’s creation through advocacy on pertinent issues, contextual research and capacity building; delivered through mutual ecumenical sharing, learning and engagement.


  1. To facilitate ecumenical and cross-cultural engagement.
  2. To build and strengthen skills to respond to the needs of the churches.
  3. To analyze, strategize, respond and address issues of social justice, ecology, development, governance and leadership.
  4. To undertake, coordinate, document and publish research.
  5. To compile and update a resource database for the programmes.
  6. To assist in strengthening ecumenical and church relationships.
  7. To initiate and promote discussions on issues that are of concern to the churches.
  8. To advocate on issues that are relevant in the region.
  9. To support, inform and cooperate with the academic programmes of the College.
  10. To build internal capacity and ensure relevancy of the programmes.
  11. To raise funds for the work of the Institute for Mission and Research

We, support the region through the following platforms;

  1. Capacity building for churches in areas of: social analysis, leadership and management, peace building, pastoral counselling and eliminating violence against women.
  2. Personnel exchange programs – sharing of expertise across our region on short term attachment basis.
  3. Research, advocacy and communications – linking current issues faced by the churches and Pacific societies to forums and platforms for engagement.

In all these areas the IMR seeks to find ways to address issues of common concern in our Pacific region in dialogue with biblical principles and traditional values, integrating notions of justice, peace and integrity of creation.