Winds of Change: Rapidly Growing Religious Groups in the Pacific Islands

The scope of the research is wider than originally envisaged by the Pacific Conference of Churches which had suggested that it concentrate on the new religious movements entering the Pacific, and it covers what the other has termed the ‘Historic Mainline Churches’ as well. The case studies provide rich factual information including extensive use of statistics, which unequivocally prove that the Historic Mainline Churches have declined in numbers quite alarmingly during the past two decades, while some of the New Religious Groups have grown amazingly fast. The author provides a valuable analysis of the findings, although a few may not agree with certain aspects of his interpretations. It would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. The author meanwhile has prudently left any suggestions for future action to Pacific Islanders themselves. This volume ought to become prescribed reading in every Theological institution and a useful reference book for Church departments such as those concerned with Christian education and Evangelism. 

January 1994

Reverend Dr Sione Latukefu

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