Gender-Based Violence: An Analysis on PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) rates in Melanesia, especially PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, are among some of the highest in the region.
This analysis paper explores the high rates of GBV  in the three respective countries.
It examines triggers of gender based- violence, arguing there is a misconception of culture that leads to culture being associated as primary reason for GBV in these three Melanesian States.
The analysis furthermore points out women’s roles and their contribution to national decision making and nation building and analyses the prevailing legal systems, laws and policies on GBV as well as their failure to protect women in PNG, Solomon Island and Vanuatu.
It concludes by evaluating the churches’ role in society and how churches can help in contributing to GBV advocacy and prevention measures long term.
A seperate document containing GBV statistics for Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG is also provided below.

A desktop research with all information gathered online.

Author: Daphney Kiki, Institute for Mission and Research.

Follow the link below to read the full analysis!

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